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Stay in control of your devices' data with DRIVR, the first IoT platform that puts you in the driver's seat.

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How can DRIVR help?

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Whatever device you want to connect to the cloud, DRIVR offers a compatible interface for it. There are three well-documented APIs to choose from depending on which hardware and protocols you prefer.

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DRIVR can reliably collect more than 100.000 devices' data streams and store them in a GDPR-compliant way. If you choose DRIVR, you gain control of the infrastructure to store and compute your data.

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Whether you want to control your devices from the cloud or you plan to run applications that consume IoT data, DRIVR has got you covered. Developers love DRIVR's GraphQL API because of its comprehensive library of endpoints that make the most complex queries a piece of cake.

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Build a digital twin of any device

Modeling your device in DRIVR is super simple and adaptable to your data model. You are the architect of the digital twin needed for your project. Freely define sensors, control parameters, and add custom fields.

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Aggregated data wherever you need it

DRIVR is flexible. From different shared clusters to custom and enterprise deployments, from powerful aggregation within DRIVR to your preferred analytics/business intelligence solution. DRIVR is compatible.

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Build your own applications on top of DRIVR

DRIVR offers powerful query and aggregation capabilities, including custom metadata. You can use this to implement industry-specific device interactions. All of this is available to you in a simple-to-use GraphQL API.

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query {
    from: "2015-10-21T07:28:00Z",
    to: "2015-10-21T010:28:00Z",
    characteristicCode: "fluxTemperature",
    where: {
      component: {
        metadata: {
          productionLine: {
          	_eq: 5
  ) {
    items {
      ...on AggregatedDatapointFloat {

Built for your needs

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Data Engineers

DRIVR enables your data engineers to use their favorite tools. We make your data accessible so that you can use it where you want, as you wish.

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Product Management

Gathered data generates the insights your product management will love. Enabling data-based decisions for hardware products.

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Using digital twins and historical data, service workers are always up to date and can make smarter decisions in critical situations.

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Quality Management

Expand your quality management further into the lifecycle of your products with detailed data gathered during daily usage combined with factoring metadata.

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High-quality documentation, the finest code examples, and simple but powerful APIs enable developers to get started fast without wasting time on boilerplate code.

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Offer a broad feature set to your customers without developing it all on your own. Fast response times and GDPR compliance will be critical for your customers.

Scalable and future-proof technology

See how we ensure DRIVR is the best possible IoT platform for your needs. Discover the underlying technologies and principles that DRIVR is built on.

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Let's bring your ideas to life

We have developed DRIVR to empower companies to implement transformative IoT projects. If you would like to benefit from our expertise, the experts from the DRIVR team will be happy to assist you on your journey to the cloud.

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Hyperscaler unlocked

DRIVR fits into your cloud strategy by being able to host on every major hyperscaler's infrastructure and other hardware too. You decide where DRIVR will store your data.

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GDPR built in

Depending on the usage of DRIVR, you may need to delete data due to a GDPR deletion request. You will be able to execute this deletion from DRIVR's UI.

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Powerful queries

DRIVR provides a simple-to-use GraphQL API with powerful query and aggregation capabilities that empowers you to build great products.

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Third-party analytics

Use the tools you prefer for further analysis of your data. DRIVR ensures connectivity to the best analytics and business intelligence tools to keep you productive.

Hosting options

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Shared Managed Cluster

Choose between shared clusters in different regions on different providers. Your data stays private.

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Dedicated Managed Cluster

We run your private DRIVR cluster on a cloud provider of your choice (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform).

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Do you have specific needs not satisfied by a shared or dedicated cluster? We will find a solution for you.

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Get a free demo or consultation on how DRIVR could fit your IoT requirements. Send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you within one business day. Alternatively, feel free to book a meeting on my Calendly page.

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