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The backend-as-a-service for your IOT application. In the cloud or on premise.

Made in Germany. GDPR compliant and secure.

For applications that you do not even know about today. Built on a future-proof architecture.

Made for developers and IT administrators. With a well-documented API and a scalable infrastructure.

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DRIVR offers you a toolbox to bring your systems
into the digital age.


Enable your customers to monitor plants without being on site while still being able to react in case of errors.

Machine lifecycle log

See all critical events at a glance - with commissioning logs, maintenance reports, and automatically generated data on a timeline.

Remote Setup

Configure your system with the optimum settings remotely - so local installers don't have to be familiar with them.


Do not waste weeks to find out that a system no longer works. Thanks to intelligent alerting, staff is already on-site before things get dangerous.


Do your customers have exceptional wishes?
Enable easy integration into your apps via a well-documented API.

Remote Updates

Correct software errors or install new features remotely, so your service technicians do not have to travel to the system's site.

Software Developers

Benefit from an API that understands machines and allows easy access via modern web techniques. Do you need data from several machine types? Use the direct API and request raw data.


Bring your products into the cloud using standard protocols. Benefit from meta-models of your systems, which save you the trouble of having to coordinate software development for your products. Update assets in the field without requiring service technicians to work overtime.

System Administrators

With SaaS, you don't have to worry about backups, hosting, or scaling. Everything is already working for you, and you have a data center just waiting to manage your IoT data? Perfect - run DRIVR's on-premise version in your Kubernetes cluster.

Product Owners

Enable new functionality in your products or the cloud via remote updates. Test features within an interested subset of your customers by explicitly selecting these attachments and rolling out new features in advance. Conduct A/B tests on new digital product features by rolling out different versions.

Sales Representatives

A feature that you have already sold does not work as promised? You can use the remote update to deliver the functionality at a later time. The intelligent monitoring and control from a distance gives your customers confidence in the reliability of the systems and enables faster support - without having to call in a specialist for every little thing.


With DRIVR, you no longer have to worry about anything. There is a predictable price per system and month that scales with the number of systems in use. DRIVR automatically invoices you at the end of the month.

Service Technicians

Query the machine data directly and give satisfactory answers to a customer's issue. Avoid discussions with the engineering department - you can see instantly whether the machine is working or not. Reduce your call time by allowing your customers to check the machine's status online and report errors directly.

All Features

DRIVR is a toolbox offering prefab features for modern & scalable IoT applications.


  • Users
  • Rights
  • Devices
  • Documents


  • Realtime Data Stream
  • Event History
  • Alerting
  • Machine Lifecycle Log
  • Parameter Optimization


  • API
  • Auto-Setup
  • Presets & Profiles
  • Technical Documentation Storage
  • Factory Reset
  • Remote Updates

Futureproof Architecture

Build on a system that we designed to last a decade, at least. Through modularity, we make it possible to provide new functions without you having to worry that proven features will suddenly no longer be available.


A scalable and redundant software architecture to meet individual requirements

Event Sourcing

A single source of truth and component decoupling make it possible to implement new ideas with a greenfield approach using existing data

Api Gateway

A well-documented interface to access all data of your system


The architecture, based on microservices and open interfaces, makes it easy to integrate DRIVR into existing systems.

Single-Sign-on (SSO)

Do you have a central user database of your customers with integrated authentication? Use it with DRIVR so that your customers do not have to log in multiple times.

Third-party systems

Data can be transferred directly or time-controlled via batch processes to your existing system landscape, such as SAP.

custom components

Do you want to upgrade your systems with data that you process in another system? Simply use the API to publish new information for all DRIVR users of the system.

Six Reasons to Use DRIVR

The entire plant at a glance

DRIVR enables a complete, digital view of the plant's critical events. View the current status of the system and the latest maintenance information on a timeline. No longer search for the manual, which was lost a long time ago. With DRIVR, you can find all the information you need.

A Safety Net for your Devices

You have found a software bug in systems that you have already delivered? Can the issue cause dissatisfaction or even critical failures? DRIVR's remote update functionality will save you some unpleasant phone calls.

A Futureproof Architecture

Thanks to its architecture, DRIVR can be very large or small. Do you have only a few systems in use? No problem, DRIVR scales with your requirements - in any direction.

The right Hosting Option for every Policy

Whether you hold your data in the cloud or on-premise, DRIVR always fits your requirements.

Public API For Creativity

Access the wisdom of your customers and the crowd by providing access to data via DRIVR through a well-documented API. Your customers will love your products because you have the full creativity of the crowd behind you.

A good addition to your team

DRIVR integrates well into your existing system landscape. You can use APIs to transfer any data to other systems. Do you already have a system that partially matches DRIVR? Great! Integrate it with DRIVR, so you don't have to start from scratch.

100% GDPR-compliant

Did you know that DRIVR takes care of your customers' privacy while giving you full flexibility over the data generated by systems? Download the white paper to learn how it works.

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