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Model your devices

With DRIVR, you can generate models of the systems you want to connect to the cloud. You are the architect of the digital twin, no matter how many sensors, control parameters, and metadata you need.

Connect your devices

DRIVR offers a well-documented GraphQL API, MQTT, and REST endpoints for mass data intake. Do you have special protocol requirements? We are going to find a solution that accommodates your needs.

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Custom connectors

We have worked hard to provide APIs that offer the highest compatibility of DRIVR within any environment and IT architecture. Nevertheless, if your infrastructure requires custom integration, we are prepared to take care of it.



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Built for massive intake

DRIVR can securely collect data streams of more than 100.000 devices, applying state-of-the-art safety measures to prevent data loss along the way reliably.

Unlimited data retention

Regardless of how long you want to store raw and aggregated device data - DRIVR assures access for as long as you like.

Add events & documents

Add events to your devices like errors, maintenance events, or other critical milestones. The ability to attach documents and log files is currently under development.

Custom fields

Do you want to add additional information and fields to your devices? DRIVR offers maximum customization that lets you define metadata to meet your unique requirements at zero extra costs.



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Keep track of your devices

Your devices can record millions of data points on different attributes - DRIVR allows you to access and analyze them quickly to support your business case.

Cloud control

DRIVR lets you control your devices from the cloud. Adjust settings in the Admin Interface or via API and send them to your physical systems.

Admin interface

Our UI provides visualization and administration tools that simplify the setup of your organization and your day-to-day work with DRIVR.

User & access management

We want you to be in complete control of your data. Assign roles and rights via API and UI to ensure that your systems and devices are only accessible to you and whoever you want to share them with.

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Get a free demo or consultation on how DRIVR could fit your IoT requirements. Send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you within one business day. Alternatively, feel free to book a meeting on my Calendly page.

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