Event Sourcing

Every. Change. Recorded.

Event sourcing is at the heart of DRIVR. Every change in user or device data is recorded as an event on the central Kafka event bus. From there, different microservices can consume the particular events they need to deliver their functionality. This architectural pattern has two significant advantages: We can restore every system state. Secondly: If there ever is a need for a new service, we can implement and use it as quickly as if it was there from the first second.

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Microservices & API Gateway

Divide & Conquer ... and Unify

We use a textbook-like microservice architecture to keep DRIVR scalable and flexible even as it grows increasingly complex. At the same time, we offer a unified public API through an API Gateway that aggregates the private APIs of the different services.

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Data verifiably deleted up to every last database and backup

From the very beginning, we designed DRIVR in a GDPR-compliant way. Our goal was to help our customers ensure their users' privacy. The result: You can delete personal information belonging to a user's identity in a few clicks. Thanks to DRIVR's architecture, you can guarantee that the relevant personal data are deleted even in every database and backup copy of your DRIVR instance. This way, you can run customer-facing apps with peace of mind.

Open Source

Built on open-source technology

DRIVR is built on Kubernetes, scales horizontally, and processes dynamic loads at a constant performance level. Our event-sourcing and microservice architecture ensure that DRIVR is ready to adapt to future technologies and requirements.

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